Podcast #8 – What’s your offensive & defensive scheme and why?

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Podcast #8 – What’s your offensive & defensive scheme and why?

imagesWhat is your offensive and defensive scheme and why do you run it? There are many different approaches and systems out there, so why do you run what you run, I think it comes down to philosophy and what type of players you have. Yes, what type of players do you have, tailor your scheme to their strengths and weaknesses.

Many people look at our offensive and say it’s not a scheme or system it’s a lot of plays put together without any system, but they are so wrong, our scheme is probably the closest to the Erhardt-Perkins offense. This scheme or system is run by New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, Panthers, chargers, Steelers and the giants. The unique trait of this offense is the ways plays are organized. Instead of long cryptic names or a numbering system, they are organized by “concepts” that are visualized often by a single word, or even letter. Receivers in our passing game memorize routes which are called by a letter, allowing the flexibility of different receivers to line up in any of the alignment positions and run the same routes. They don’t need to learn routes by position, but only by name or letter. Our running game uses the three basic running game concepts. Man-blocking scheme, zone blocking scheme and a combination of both.

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Coach P - Jim Pusateri is a Teacher & Head Football Coach along with the Offensive Coordinator at University High School, Orlando Florida. After coaching at various levels, College, High School and Middle School; Jim feels you make your biggest impact on the High School Athlete, He States: “it is at this level that you truly can change the course of a students life.”

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