Podcast #1 – Top 10 question you need answered before accepting that new Head Football Coaching position

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Top 10 Question you need answered before accepting that New Head Football Coach Position

Looking to become a Head Football Coach or move to another School? Make sure you get the answers to these top 10 questions before you make that decision.
The answer to these questions should give you a good foundation of information to determine is this job for me? Many new head coaches jump at the first opportunity that comes their way, thinking they will be able to do what they know it takes to start-up or turn around a football program. The problem is they never find out about these top 10 questions until there on the job and by then it’s way too late.

Your future reputation is going to be judged by how well you do on the field and off the field, but if you have no control over certain factors it takes to build a successful program your results probably won’t be the greatest. Every coach thinks they can turn around a program, but what if you can’t because certain things are out of your control, you leave with frustration and begin looking for another position only to find out the next one is even harder to obtain because now you have a track record. Jumping at the first position that comes your way could ruin your reputation and future hire ability.


Our Podcast is dedicated to helping you build a successful football program. We will cover all facets of building a successful football program. Whether you’re a new first time head coach or a seasoned veteran we will share proven information for building a successful football program.

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Written by Coach P - Jim Pusateri

Coach P - Jim Pusateri is a Teacher & Head Football Coach along with the Offensive Coordinator at University High School, Orlando Florida. After coaching at various levels, College, High School and Middle School; Jim feels you make your biggest impact on the High School Athlete, He States: “it is at this level that you truly can change the course of a students life.”

2 responses to “Podcast #1 – Top 10 question you need answered before accepting that new Head Football Coaching position
  1. This is a great topic. I was in similar situation and now I’m looking for that next opportunity. I stepped into a situation that had all the red flags but I took the job because I was young and wanted the opportunity. Well 4 years later, I don’t have a great overall record and my resume is hurting for it. It’s great that you outlined this ahead of time. Could save some people the trouble.

    • Thanks for the comments and Yes we all want that 1st job so bad, we forget to look at the red flags and just jump in! Move Forward – you’re day will come Never quit trying! Anything I can help you with Please just ask. If you have a topic you want to know more about leave it in the comments.

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