Move Forward – The art of resilience

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Move Forward – The art of resilience

The New Year has begun, many have made their personal resolutions about what they plan to accomplish during this year. Many of those resolutions will be broken before the month ends. Why?


Most people let a small failure derail there success, once the process gets a little tough, a high percentage of people can’t get passed the setback and fall right back into the bad habit that they were trying to get rid of.

What’s the secret?

Moving Forward! To obtain anything in this life you must develop a move forward attitude. I call it the art of resilience, never letting yourself lose sight of the original goal, telling yourself daily its the goal that matters not the small stuff that happens in between. Many will say that’s easy for you to say, you question-mark don’t know the bad things that have happen to me. My response: I’m sure I don’t know or had to deal with many things that have happen in your lifetime, but I can tell you my story and see if you can relate and find the strength to develop a MOVE FORWARD attitude.

Failure the road to success:

I can tell you this I have overcome some huge failures and major life setbacks over the years. I have built some successful companies, but on the other hand have suffered through losing everything several times from companies going bad and out of business. I have started my life over several times and it is through those tough times that I found the only really secret to this thing called success is resilience (Moving Forward) never quitting until you reach the target.

Major life setbacks:

Some of you reading this may of suffered some major setbacks in life, I mean those things that happen that you think are impossible to overcome. I have suffered some of these things also (loss of a child) and have found the only way to get pass them is to focus on the larger picture, you cannot let things that happen in the past, keep you from moving forward into the future. You must develop a MOVE FORWARD mentality. Take a step forward each day towards whatever that goal is and never stop until you get there, even if it takes several years or more.

Learned Helplessness – Closed Mindset

What I have found through the years in my own experience is that you fall into what is called learned Helplessness or a closed mindset. Its the result from experiencing some type of uncontrollable event that causes people to expect future failure. They have learned that success means your good and they have concluded that any setback or difficulty means they are not.

Develop a Growth Mindset:

It is at this time in your life that you cannot let some setbacks, failure or life changing event control growthyou and make you go into depression. This depression or lack of motivation is normal and a part of the grieving process, you cannot let it define you and control you. Many people at this time tend to question their ability in the face of failure and shut down. Developing a growth mindset is what is required, you need to change the way you think and what goes into your mind. Use the setbacks, failures and so forth as your motivation to “Get Better” learn from the event and use it to your advantage to succeed in whatever goal you have.

The art of resilience:

The art of resilience is no more then learning to move forward daily, no matter what happens. Keep you sight on the long term goal and do something daily towards achieving that goal. Its the daily MOVE FORWARD steps that will eventually lead to success. Keep Moving Forward and you will get there!

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