Coaching Principles

Coaching in a nutshell: Taking players with various skill levels make them better players, better teammates and better people46522591_10218418664286383_2343044851995508736_n

Our coaching staff will begin each season, and each day with the main principle of our program:

“Building Character and Mental Toughness as the Core Value” – “Establish a culture of success”

Four building blocks of Character: – Respect – Attitude – Discipline – Pride

These four building blocks will develop character and character = SUCCESS

Keys to Coaching:

  1. Take care of the person and the football player will come out.
  2. You win games when players are comfortable and know what to do.
  3. You are evaluated publicly every Friday night, bring you’re A-game.
  4. Always be prepared for the day’s work before you go on the field
  5. Don’t bluff – know what you are doing and saying
  6. Never loaf or allow players to loaf either mentally or physically
  7. Be constantly aware of rules violations
  8. Spaced repetition is the best form of learning
  9. Teach how and why: it is not enough to simply spot mistakes
  10. Teach mental and physical toughness in conjunction with technique
  11. Talk in meetings and move on the filed
  12. Constantly look for improved methods to motivate and teach players
  13. Morale belongs to everyone – but it starts with YOU!
  14. Build your teaching plan in a positive manner toward success
  15. Be aware of player’s attitudes and efforts – these are signs of morale
  16. Drill to perfection
  17. Practice to succeed rather than just running plays
  18. Players are mirror images of their coaches
  19. Assume nothing
  20. Accept total responsibility for the performance of your players
  21. Enthusiasm is contagious – be enthusiastic
  22. Be willing to do whatever the job takes – there is no time clock to punch
  23. Discipline must be consistent and tough – never compromise
  24. Be positive – find a way to say things positively
  25. A team will achieve if it believes



The football program at Cornerstone Charter High School is based upon achieving championship (excellence) status in everything that we undertake. Our role as coaches, in fact our biggest obligation is to do everything possible to see that each student-athlete maximizes his potential; that we facilitate each player in our program into becoming the best person, student and athlete he can be. We must care about each student-athlete in such a way that he understands he is important as a person first, a student second, and finally as an athlete. The model we will utilize to facilitate the development of each individual is that of a FAMILY. We will care and respect each individual in our program and hold everyone as an important member of our family. By creating this family atmosphere, we can best allow each student-athlete to maximize his potential, thus, ultimately benefiting Cornerstone Charter High School Football.

  1. Be involved academically

Meet weekly with first year students and at risk students

Do not just be a coach – be a counselor

  1. Be open and honest in communication

Must develop complete trust – even if the truth hurts

Communication must be two-ways (Listen and hear first)

  1. Individual Teaching

Meet 1 on 1 show individual attention

Be available for your player

  1. Be Positive

Players move in the direction of their dominant thoughts – make them positive

  1. Be Compassionate

Always remember how you like to be treated (Golden Rule)

  1. Be Fair

Fairness for one is fairness for all

Relationships with players have to be at the forefront of who you are as a coach. Players have to play for you, the only way this happens is if they ultimately believe in you and trust in you. Other than pure talent, there is no greater component towards winning than this. Schemes, practice plans, game plans, off season, concepts, philosophy and ideas mean nothing if you can’t get the players to play for you.  Sometimes coaches get too tied up in the scheme and they sacrifice fundamentals in the process. There has to be a consistent commitment to this from the beginning to the end of the season. It’s still a game of running, blocking and tackling, throwing and catching, if you do those things well, you will win regardless of what scheme you run.

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