Becoming a Head Coach

‪Looking to be a Head Coach? These are the six things I believe are needed to build a successful Football program:‬



‪1. Players who will commit to the process.THE CTP APPROACH:

C – Commit: Commitment is the difference between a dream and a goal. Successful football requires a strong commitment by a large group of people. (Team)

T –  Trust:  Trust the Process, your Coaches and Teammates. Build a foundation of Brotherhood. On this TEAM-We stand-up for each other, we are loyal to each other, we protect each other through the good and the bad, we’re always about US, not about ME. WE BELIEVE IN EACH OTHER!

P – Prepare:  If you want to succeed you have to do the work. Each competitive instance presents a price to pay for success. If you haven’t earned enough to cover that price, you can’t buy the win. You can’t put winning on a credit card. It has to be paid, in full, in advance.  Some people dream of worthy accomplishments; others stay awake and do them.

‪2. Parents who believe and support your culture.‬

You need a group of parents who buy in to your process, who support you in fundraising, team building activities, stress to their sons that grades, off season weigh-training and conditioning along with attending in season practice are all important parts of the process and building a education based athletic program.

‪3. Administration who understands and supports Education based Athletics.

Administration support is mandatory for any program to succeed.  The administration needs to not only speak about their support, but their actions and planning need to include how a program becomes successful. Team building is a process that requires many different activities that all have a education based approach to building athletic programs. The most successful programs don’t talk about winning they develop Character, Life Skills and a Champion attitude to everything they do. Champions in the classroom, in life and on the field lead to Championships and Championship program. Before taking any position make sure your administration understands and their actions support the student athlete not only academically, but also with the facilities and team building activities required to develop young people into successful citizens. 

‪4. Facilities access to practice, game fields and weight room, meeting rooms.

Facilities are a huge part of successful programs, in today’s athletic atmosphere you must have top quality facilities to keep student athletes at your school. These include state of the art weight rooms, practice fields, game fields, locker rooms, meeting rooms, buses, trainers, uniforms, along with the practice equipment and game planning tools needed to develop your program. ‬


‪5. Coaches: must be able to bring in coaches who are in house. ‬

Today with budget cuts it is becoming harder and harder to put together a staff of coaches that are needed to teach the skills and techniques required to become a successful unit on the field. A successful program requires at least 8 coaches. To promote your program and culture many of these coaches need to be on campus and in the classroom. Coaches are teachers and great teachers make great coaches, you need an administration who understands that and helps in hiring not only great teachers but coaches who will instill throughout the school day the mission of your program and help recruit and retain quality student athletes.  


‪6. Community that’s supports your vision and traditions. ‬

You need the support of the community, not just parents and alumni of the school but the business leaders who understand and support financially your program and its mission to develop future community leaders. When the community comes together and believes in your team building and development of student athletes the pride and support flow over into game day. Build your program so game day is not just about a football game, but its a community event where pride and tradition are celebrated.

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