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Coach P - Jim Pusateri is a Teacher & Head Football Coach along with the Offensive Coordinator at University High School, Orlando Florida. After coaching at various levels, College, High School and Middle School; Jim feels you make your biggest impact on the High School Athlete, He States: “it is at this level that you truly can change the course of a students life.”

Developing Mental Toughness

Posted On Feb 28 2016 by

Developing Football Mental Toughness What is Mental Toughness? The definition varies depending on who you may speak with, Wikipedia defines it as: Mental toughness is a collection of attributes that allow a person to persevere through difficult circumstances (such as difficult training or difficult competitive situations in games) and emerge without losing confidence. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mental_toughness) Mental Toughness: I believe their definition is correct, mental toughness is the ability to move forward in any situation  towards your ultimate goal. Easier said then done, so how do we develop and teach mental toughness. I think you develop and teach mental toughness through a …

Move Forward – The art of resilience

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Move Forward – The art of resilience The New Year has begun, many have made their personal resolutions about what they plan to accomplish during this year. Many of those resolutions will be broken before the month ends. Why? Most people let a small failure derail there success, once the process gets a little tough, a high percentage of people can’t get passed the setback and fall right back into the bad habit that they were trying to get rid of. What’s the secret? Moving Forward! To obtain anything in this life you must develop a move forward attitude. I …

Overcoming Setbacks

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Overcoming Setbacks How do you overcome setbacks?  Many have asked me how you continue to move forward daily when you have major setbacks in life. How do you overcome setbacks? Overcoming setbacks is a reflection process for me: bad things are going to happen in life, it’s all part of the process, you can either get stuck at that point of your life or move forward and gain from the experience. Life alerting events: Yes that is easier said than done, some setbacks in life are major life alerting events, it truly is at this point in your life that …

What happen to competing and striving to be successful?

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What happen to competing and striving to be successful? Somewhere along the way we have accepted or changed our views about teaching our children to be competitive and its value in becoming successful. It seems today that being competitive is looked down on; we hear comments such as you only want to win and you will do anything to win. I can see that type of attitude if all you’re teaching and all that is important is the win itself, but there is much more value to be learned from competition.  Being competitive is a requirement to survive: Every day …

Building Successful Football Programs

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Welcome to Coach P Football:  This website will be dedicated to helping you build a successful football program. We will cover all facets of building a successful football program.  Whether your a new first time head coach or a seasoned veteran we will share proven information and new updates to building successful football programs. Our site will cover areas of discussion from your first day on the job, to setting up all facets of your program. Topics will include: Building Community Support Building Parents Support and involvement Building Support and relations with the Administration Establishing School Spirit among Students and …